Hello folks, 

The flowers are up, sun is (very intermittently) back, and I’m in the studio every day now.

I’ll be out and about with my paintings and a few bits and bobs a few times this year – in June I’ll be at the Tea Green Events art and craft fair in Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. Hopefully see a few of you there! I’ll be there on Sunday 30th June from 11 to 5.

I’m so glad I took a break last year to reset and to get my (literal and figurative) house in order, as I feel invigorated and a lot sharper. It doesn’t hurt that we have finally got the heating and electricity sorted, both have been playing up for years and we seem to finally have got to the root of the problem. Light and heat are fairly important, it turns out.

Thanks for reading, and happy internetting,



Latest works:

The Devil (stargazer lily)
56 x 75 cm

Showing in the annual (online) Society of Botanical Artists ‘Plantae’ exhibition until the end of June

Available to purchase, please contact me if you are interested.

The Fool (amaryllis seedheads)
38 x 44cm

Will be exhibited later this year.