Hello folks, 

The flowers are up, sun is (very intermittently) back, and I’m in the studio every day now.

I’m aiming to submit works to several exhibitions this year, I’ll keep you updated. 

I’m devoting this year to producing a decent body of work, starting with finishing off works in progress. I also have two major themes which I’m developing, aiming for a little more focus, and to be less scattered in my subject choices.

I’m so glad I took a break last year to reset and to get my (literal and figurative) house in order, as I feel invigorated and a lot sharper. It doesn’t hurt that we have finally got the heating and electricity sorted, both have been playing up for years and we seem to finally have got to the root of the problem. Light and heat are fairly important, it turns out!

Thanks for reading, and happy  internetting,



Latest work (currently untitled and as-yet unscanned):