Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’ silverpoint on black casein ground


An experimental silverpoint drawing of one of my favourite plants, Allium scorodoprasum ‘Art’.

Unframed size 13 x 13 cm approx.

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An experimental drawing of one of my favourite plants (I’ve got other varieties starting from seed this year, so keep an eye out!).

I’ve added a video to my instagram  to show how light affects this piece – can vary from monochromatic grey to dramatic lights against black. Background is quite textured.

I’m becoming obsessed with this technique, and so I’ve prepared quite a few more sheets of paper with this ground, which will be cured and ready to work on by the end of summer, but this piece will always be the first.

Unframed size 13 x 13 cm approx.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 3 × 28 × 28 cm